» Four Ways Video Can Help Your Wedding Business

Four Ways Video Can Help Your Wedding BusinessUnless you’re a videographer, you may not think of video as a tool for growing your business online, but it’s a tactic you should try! Video packages your message in an entertaining format that helps your business stand out, making it more likely that a couple searching will select your business.

Our Video Builder tool allows you to create unlimited videos to showcase your business. You can customize by choosing 10-25 images from any of your photo albums and selecting a song from our library to set the mood. Your video will be customized to display your business name and any other pieces of information you would like to include, making it easy to share on social media and more!

If you still haven’t bought into video marketing, read below for four ways video can help your business:

Engage with clients

Video is often more powerful than photos or text when it comes to engagement. A potential client can casually look through your Storefront photos while they’re otherwise preoccupied; a video requires both visual and audio engagement.  Take advantage of this type of content by explaining more about your business and your products or services in a way that will make them sit up and take notice!

Drive conversions

Think about your business’ video as a sale – explain why your business is better than the competition, and what makes you the best choice for potential clients. While your video probably won’t actually make sales for you (you’ll still need to conduct an appointment), it can drive inquiry conversions! Turn anonymous visitors into potential clients by providing them with content that answers most of their questions and compels them to contact you right away.

Boost your SEO

With a WeddingWire Storefront and/or a business website, you’re already well on your way to having a good search ranking, but it can be hard to improve your ranking from your original position. Even if you’ve optimized your Storefront and website with all the appropriate keywords, you’ve got to keep creating new content to help your business reach higher. Search engines like Google look for fresh content, and it’s tough to blog or post on social media as often as you need to. Adding your video to your Storefront and other networks like YouTube boosts your SEO, and your video will show up in Video search results, which are often less competitive than general web searches.

Show professionalism

Because they are so often expensive and difficult to make, videos show your business’ high level of professionalism. Even though the videos you create using the Video Builder are easy to make, they still require a lot of planning and strategizing, which shows that you take your business very seriously. Set your business apart from the rest by creating a video that conveys your commitment to your craft.

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