» 4 Free Tools to Help You Write Better Blog Posts

How to write better blog postsWriting does not come naturally to everyone. Whether you have trouble coming up with topics, deciding on a headline, or actually writing the meat of your post, writing blog posts can be a difficult process. Yet the benefits of blogging are so great for a number of reasons – search engine visibility, better customer relationships, and more.

If you’re looking for some help to write better blog posts, check out some of these free online tools!

Identify the right keywords with the Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Use keyword research tools like Google AdWord’s Keyword Tool to shed some light on the popularity of the keywords you’re looking to use and how many times they’re searched monthly. These factors not only help you to identify keywords that others are using, but also to identify keywords that others are not using, leaving room for your use. Find the keywords that will bring in more search traffic so you get the maximum power out of each blog post.

Come up with better topics with HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Do you have some vague idea of what you want to write about, but you’re not sure which points to make? The HubSpot Blog Topic Generator allows you to enter a few general terms and then its algorithm suggests five blog post headlines to get you started on a topic. If you are using the aforementioned Keyword Tool, enter some of those keywords into this tool to get headline ideas that will spur your creativity and guide you towards the points you’d like to make in the post. If nothing else, this tool is a great jumping-off point which you can use to customize for your needs.

Create better titles with the Readability Test

Now that you have some topic ideas, you can hone your headline or title. AtomicWriter Lite is a great tool to help you determine the readability of your headlines and content so you can see how to get your readers more engaged. Select whether your audience is Advanced, Trained, or Well-versed and the tool will help you know if your headlines are too complex for your readers to understand at a glance. After all, if your title isn’t easily digestible for your readers, they won’t feel compelled to click through!

Write better content with Hemingway Editor app

Last but definitely not least – editing. If you don’t have an editor in house, use the Hemingway App to proofread, spell check, and simplify your writing style.  You can compose your content within the app or paste it in afterward to find out if your writing is too dense or if you’re using passive voice too often. You’ll also receive a readability score (similar to the Readability Test) which suggests which U.S. grade level is required to understand your text. Another great aspect: the app proposes simpler alternatives for big words to keep your posts simple and to-the-point.

How do you come up with blog posts? Do you have any other tools to share? Let us know in the comments!