» Prediction for the Future of Technology #7

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If you have seen the TV show Knight Rider in the past you will remember ‘KITT,’ an intelligent, talking car. Well, that day where you talk to your car is upon us. Toyota has launched a social networking service for its vehicle owners called ‘Toyota Friend.’ It allows you and your car to talk to each other. You may receive a message saying that your Prius’ battery isn’t charged or that the 10,000 mile service is coming up. You can then send a message back to your car saying that you’re sorry and you’ll take them to the mechanic soon!

This is not the stuff you watch on TV; it is available in real life. Apple’s latest iPhone 4S has a feature called Siri, which is a personal assistant built into the phone. You’ll be asking your phone for directions, to send a text or to find a restaurant. We will talk to the things we own and it won’t seem crazy!

Watch the new Siri technology in the video below: