» Key Takeaways: What’s Next in Tech

Key Takeaways: What's Next in TechWebinar Recap!

This week, WeddingWire CMO Sonny Ganguly presented our monthly webinar, What’s Next in Tech! Sonny shared his top predictions for the future of technology – and how they may impact your business through next year and beyond.

During the webinar, Sonny shared lots of surprising tech trends, the latest exciting new technologies and how they may impact our daily lives and businesses in the future.  Below are his top four tech recommendations to keep in mind as we consider what may be coming next in our technology-focused and fast paced world.

1) Change is the only constant: Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Don’t get too comfortable with your technology of today – and be sure to keep yourself and your business on par with what is happening in the technology space of today to stay competitive and tech-forward with your business. Remember, when it comes to technology, the only barrier is imagination!

2) Social expansion is on the rise: Social media can no longer be considered a fad. In the past few years, the keys to social media success have been YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. However, emerging social networks are growing fast, including Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr – and your target audiences are spending a lot of time on these sites. Consider expanding your business’ social networks to reach more new clients!

3) We are in the mobile revolution: Within the next 9 months, there will be more mobile devices than people on earth, and we are quickly shifting to a ‘mobile first’ world where people are actively opening email, searching the web and sending inquires on phones and tablets over desktops. How does your website look on a mobile device? Mobile and tablet friendly web design is crucial to business success from clients searching for you from their devices. If you haven’t mobilized your site, get started with the Mobile Website Creator tool and have an easy-to-use and visually appealing mobile business site in minutes.

4) It’s time to prepare for the internet of things: By 2020, there will be 50 billion connected devices. These will include self-driving cars, health-monitoring watches, smart eyewear and more. Our everyday technologies will also simultaneously ‘talk’ to one another. For example, if you get an email that your morning meeting was delayed, your alarm clock could be notified to sleep in 15 minutes later, and your commute could be adjusted for your car’s GPS to take into account a different traffic pattern automatically.

Learn more about all the emerging technology and these big four trends by viewing the full webinar! Also, all of our past webinars are available in our Education Center for premium Pros if you want to check out past webinars you may have missed.

Stay tuned for information about next month’s webinar: Top Business Resolutions 2014!