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Big Ideas for Small Business HR

HR Tips for Teaching Company CultureFor many wedding professionals, hiring new employees is a simple process of identifying potential candidates based on experience and selecting the most qualified. However, when adding new employees it’s important to be strategic!

If you’re trusting someone other than yourself to work with or manage clients, you should be making sure that person is an extension of you in every way. Often times business owners will bring in new businesses and start the initial contract, but the client ends up dealing with a different employee throughout the rest of the process. This is very common for venues, which often have different sales employees from their day-of coordinators.

Everything you stand for as a business owner or manager should translate to every single employee to ensure that the customer gets the same experience (great experience!) no matter who they speak with at your business. The following HR tips will help your business identify your company culture and values and extend them to each new hire.

Confirm your company’s vision

It may seem old-fashioned to new wedding professionals, but setting a company vision or mission statement is necessary for any small business. Although no one will be grading you on it, it will guide you as you grow and start hiring more employees. If everyone is aware of your company’s vision and the values you strive to emulate, there’s a common goal in everyone’s eyes. There’s less confusion in the long run if employees break from that vision; it’s something to point to as a goal for everyone.

Consider fit, not just experience

When hiring a new employee, don’t just hire based on the resume – consider the candidate’s fit within your company culture. Think about the ideal employee, a person who shares your values and who you can be confident will do the best job representing your business. Is this person willing to go above and beyond what’s required of him or her to satisfy a customer? Even if a candidate meets the requirements, he or she may not be the best fit in your company culture.

Create set standards

As you begin hiring more and more employees, it’s also important to hold all your employees to the same standards. This may seem like an obvious tip, but we mention it here because a large part of company culture is employee sentiment and morale. Your employees will talk, so make sure you hold them all to consistent performance requirements to enforce the right behavior.

Schedule status meetings

How do you know if your hiring strategy is working if you don’t check up on it every once in a while? Schedule status meetings with employees regularly to see if you’re all still on the same page. A status meeting is a great time to address any concerns, and hear feedback from employees. In general, status meetings help to keep everyone on the same page and head off any issues before they arise – so don’t skip them.

Kick start this year with our HR tips and your team will share your dedication to your customers!