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Hiring Summer EmployeesNow that your wedding business has likely had a few busy weeks of events so far, you may be wondering if it’s time to get some summer help! Luckily for you, your busy season coincides with one of the best times of the year for hiring. But even with time on your side, hiring summer employees can still be a tough process.

Maybe you need a summer intern to help with some of the smaller tasks, or maybe you need a full-time employee to assist at events. No matter who you’ll be hiring, use these guidelines to get the process started!

Decide what you need before getting started. Do you need a summer intern, part-time or full-time employee? Is there a possibility of keeping this person after summer ends, or is it strictly a temporary position? Make these decisions up front so you can make sure you’re following all the rules. Interns are different from independent contractors, and independent contractors are different from employees. Do the research to find out which type best fits your business’ needs.

Write your listing and decide where to advertise. Be as descriptive as possible when writing your listing so you get more qualified applications. Your perfect candidate is out there – they just need to know you’re looking for them! A well-placed “Help Wanted” ad can drive a bunch of applications, whether it’s in your local paper or in an online directory. Word of mouth is usually effective for smaller regions, so mention your opening to clients and friends in the industry. Be sure to also list your job opening on your website to catch any applicants who happen upon it!

Prepare your work contracts. As most Pros know from experience, get everything in writing before you start! While it’s not always required that you enter into an employment contract with new hires, it’s definitely a good idea to have it all laid out and agreed upon from the beginning. Consult your attorney, and do the research to figure out what clauses your contract should have and what areas should be covered under it. Should anything negative happen down the road, you’ll be covered.

Create an employee manual, whether you’re hiring right now or not! Employee manuals are a great tool for establishing rules and expectations for all employees. You don’t need to get too bogged down on minor details, but a set of general guidelines or an outline of expected behavior will help your business grow in an intelligent way. Establishing how you would like employees to act and what qualities you’d like them to possess (drive, passion, adaptability) sets your business up for success each time you hire someone new! This manual should change as your company changes, so be ready to revisit in the future.

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