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Big Ideas for Small Business HR

5 Principles of Good HRHaving Human Resources programs in place is a requirement as you build your wedding business, and for most it’s not a very exciting aspect of business. We know that it can be confusing to understand the roles, requirements and responsibilities, but Human Resources is more than just paperwork – that’s why we call our Human Resources department the People department!

With all the other aspects of your business on your mind, good HR is probably an afterthought. Below we break down five principles of good HR so you can start taking a more holistic approach to your wedding business.

1. Provide a good hiring experience

Whether you’re hiring your first employee or your hundredth, it’s important that all potential candidates have a good experience. All employees involved in hiring should maintain their professionalism throughout the process. Be responsive and clear in all your communications from the initial inquiry and application to the hiring decision. View every applicant as a potential brand advocate – even if the applicant doesn’t get the job, they’ll be singing your praises to others and looking for your next opening if they have a positive applicant experience with your business.

2. Provide a better employee experience

While providing a good experience for applicants is important, your actual employees deserve an even better experience when they come to work every day. Strive to treat your employees like you would treat your customers to make sure they’re getting what they need for their own professional growth. For many wedding businesses, the employees are in the trenches dealing with all sorts of problems to come up with solutions and are always the representative ‘face’ of your business. Treat them well and they, too, will be your brand advocates!

3. Align business goals with individual goals

The key to success for any size business is making sure that your business and your employees are moving in the same direction. Your business’ goals should not just be lofty statements you write down and never think about again; they should trickle down to each individual employee. This makes the responsibilities and expectations of each employee clear, which prevents confusion and resentment. If everyone knows what you’re all working towards, things will run smoothly.

4. Make the transition to the cloud

Human Resources responsibilities typically involve a lot of paperwork! If your business is growing fast, it may be worth investing in a cloud-based solution to keep everything in one location that is easily accessible by members of your organization. Similar to the function of our Clients tab, you’ll save time and money by printing out fewer forms. There’s also no need for a dedicated HR employee to be available – employees can submit new forms or make changes to existing documents all within the cloud.

5. Have fun with it!

Human beings are creative, so it makes sense that your human resources programs should be creative, too! Whether you can offer a unique benefits package or work in some fun perks, your HR programs don’t all have to be serious. Embrace a more fun approach and your employees (and clients!) will be happier in the long run.

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