» Wedding PR: Bringing in your Wedding Day Team

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There is no wedding that is a result of just one person’s efforts. After all, there are cakes to be made, limos to be driven and linens to be ordered.  The success of an event, ultimately, is due to the hard work of many.  This team effort mentally will take a Wedding Pro far, especially when it comes to their Wedding PR efforts.

When submitting a real wedding for consideration, one of the most important components is that of the vendor list. While requirements vary between editors, the rule of thumb is to at least have the name of each company (properly spelled please!) along with a link to their web site.  Consider taking the extra step and collecting the name of the lead contact for the event, along with his or her email address a great habit to get into as it may come in handy the day of the event.

Photo credit: Rob Garland Photographers

Don’t just stop there! If one of the key players can lend further insight into the Big Day, consider getting a bit of insight from them to include in the narrative portion of your pitch. Did you love the tablescapes but have no idea how it all came together? Touch base with the planner. Can’t quite remember the catchy Grand Entrance song but would love to include it in your submission? Give the DJ a call. They’ll no doubt be appreciative of the opportunity to be included.

Additionally, should a real wedding be picked up, this is the ideal time to circle back around and reconnect with the team to share the good news. Not only is it a goodwill gesture, but you may find that some eagerly promote the feature among their friends, colleagues and clients as well- a fantastic way to increase awareness for the piece.

Creating mutually beneficial relationships among Wedding Professionals should be the cornerstone of any marketing plan, and including them as part of your wedding PR strategies, will no doubt pay back tenfold.