» Body Language Basics for a Positive First Impression

When meeting new people, your body language makes the first impression! Research has found that 80 percent of what you ‘say’ is in your body language, so it is important that when representing your business, make sure that you are making the best impression possible by paying attention to what your body language is conveying.

Whether you are meeting with a potential client, getting to know other Wedding Pros or event professionals at an event, or meeting someone new in public, be sure to pay attention to the following positive body language basics to make a lasting impression!

Convey positive body language by following these top tips:

  • It is one of the oldest interview and networking tips, but a firm handshake and good posture displays confidence, and impresses your clients and other professionals. This ultimately sends the message that you are confident in your work and abilities, and they should be, too!
  •  Steady, relaxed eye contact sends the message that you are listening and interested in what the other person is saying. However, try to avoid staring too long as this can make others uncomfortable, especially in a one-on-one conversation.
  • A sincere smile when meeting someone new or at an event breaks the ice and expresses a relaxed confidence. A smile immediately makes people feel more comfortable speaking with you, and expresses your openness and positive attitude, making you approachable.
  • When in a conversation, leaning slightly toward the speaker is inviting and shows that you are engaged in the conversation. But, be sure to respect personal space as to not make the speaker uncomfortable. Also, if you occasionally nod your head to show understanding, you will create a positive connection with the speaker.
  • Avoid checking your phone and watch. When you check on the time, or for your latest text or email, it says to the other person that you have something on your mind that is more important than what they are saying, and will send the message that you are rushed. Try your best to simply focus on the conversation you are having in the moment, and if it is an emergency, politely excuse yourself so you can check in.
  • Pay attention to your attire. You do not have to be in a full suit to make a positive, professional impression, but it is important to appear well put together and to wear appropriate clothing. A sloppy appearance sends the message that you do not care, which will ultimately come across as unprofessional and that you do not value your business.

Regardless of if you are new to the professional and client-oriented world, or have been in the industry for years, following top body language basics will help to develop new, positive relationships for you and your business!