» Think Email Marketing is Going Away?

Think again. Over 88%* of us check our email at least one time a day. And with the rise in mobile popularity, email is still an effective marketing tool that deserves some attention. Think about it – it’s low in cost, it allows you to target your audience AND it provides ongoing communication between you and your clients. So with that said, here are a few tips to think about when composing your email campaigns:

  • Good lists yield desired results: Find ways to constantly build your lists (e.g. bridal shows, website, blog) all while making sure to capture the right info (e.g. name, email address, wedding date, wedding location, etc.). We also recommend grouping your list (e.g. by wedding date, location, etc.) so you can better target your audience.
  • Think short, sweet and pretty: Put yourself in the shoes of your audience for a second – what is your initial reaction when you open an email that is full of words and no pictures? Exactly. Keep your messaging relevant and to the point, and include graphics.
  • Don’t forget the “call to action”: Provide your readers with a “call to action” in your email, whether a link to your website, WeddingWire reviews, blog or social media accounts. This will help you further promote your business and reach your clients.

  • Timing and frequency are key: Industry stats show that the best days to send emails are Tuesday – Thursday. And remember, you probably wouldn’t like being spammed with emails, so make sure to pay attention to the frequency of your campaigns.
  • Subject lines do matter: The shortest part of your email is actually the most important. We recommend short, concise subject lines (e.g. 40 to 50 characters) that never include all capital letters, exclamation points or the word “Free.” This will help with your email delivery rate and will ultimately prevent you from hitting the spam folder.
  • Track and test, a lot: Pay attention to the open and click-through rate of your campaigns and test different messages to see which yield the best results for you. Try different subject lines, different times, add new images, etc.

There are numerous ways to take your email marketing to the next level, but by completing using these tips and you are on your way to reaching your desired customers and getting more business!

Have additional tips that have worked for your email marketing efforts? Share below!

(*Source: Study of US Workers, Pew Internet & American Life)