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Meghan Ely

Meghan Ely is the owner of wedding marketing and wedding pr firm OFD Consulting. As a highly sought-after speaker in the wedding industry, she is the exclusive Wedding PR Education Expert for WeddingWire as well as the national Communications and Marketing Director for WIPA. To learn how OFD Consulting can assist you, as well as more about our new wedding PR kits, please visit us today.

As I shared last fall, there are a number of steps you’ll need to consider taking if you’d like to begin diving into the world of public speaking. But what about those who have a few speaking engagements under their belt already? Or for those who have been speaking at the local level and would now like to be considered for national conferences?

Wedding PR: Tips for Public SpeakersWhile a clear understanding of your goals and prioritizing time to practice (and practice and practice!) will continue to be essential to the process, consider these tips and tricks to take your public speaking to the next level:

  1. Allow your topics to evolve – When you begin speaking more regularly, a funny thing happens: the topics that you thought would be most popular may actually be your least requested, and suddenly people are clamoring to book you for subjects you may not have considered. Because of this, it’s important to keep track of the needs of your prospects and evolve along with them. I also typically add 4-6 new topics to my portfolio every year to ensure I can offer fresh and inspiring content to event professionals.
  2. Organize your calendar – Make note of any major conferences where you’d like to pitch and familiarize yourself with their submission guidelines, as well as their deadlines. With the latter, note the deadline on your calendar as well as set a date several weeks prior so you can begin preparing.
  3. Ask for testimonials – Reviews are essential to your wedding business and the same can be said for your speaking career. Testimonials equal credibility, plain and simple, so after a speaking engagement, reach out as appropriate and request a review so that you can share it with future prospects.
  4. Request feedback – Never hesitate to ask for constructive feedback from both attendees and those that book you. Additionally, if you aren’t selected for a particular seminar or conference, it doesn’t hurt to reach out and inquire as to why you weren’t selected. The feedback could be invaluable.
  5. Be a thought leader – Speakers leverage their expertise even when they are not on the stage so take advantage of chances to share your knowledge with a wider audience. Many choose to utilize their blog as a channel while others set aside time to research guest writing opportunities as their schedule allows. Your visibility, as well as your reputation in the field, is crucial when being considered a thought leader in your industry.

Public speaking is a proven strategy for wedding professionals who would like to build an additional revenue stream while also increasing brand awareness for their company. With the above tips in mind and a commitment to better their craft, those just starting out in the field will continue to expect healthy return for their efforts.