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Meghan Ely

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Photos make or break a real wedding submission, plain and simple. While we’ve discussed the essentials of a real wedding submission prior, you best make sure you have an armload of swoon worthy images filled to the brim with fresh details.

Wedding PR: Real Wedding Submissions and Must-Have PhotosYou want a real wedding submission, in part, to tell the story of the couple so it’s easy to fall into the trap of submitting strictly people shots. But remember – the goal is to inspire newly engaged couples and multiple shots of the wedding party (unless sporting killer heels and the latest fashion) just isn’t going to cut it.

So what are some of the must-have photos for a real wedding submission?

  • The florals – The boutonnieres and bouquets are a great start, but don’t forget to include the other elements provided for the day.
  • The tablescape – First and foremost, make sure the reception table is shot prior to guests sitting down, to ensure everything is in the right spot. Include photos of the table from different angles, and be sure to include each and every piece- from the centerpiece and the menus to the table numbers and the menu.
  • The fashion – If this is a particularly stylish event, then offer photographs of the couple and wedding party that aims to highlight the fashion worn that day.
  • The venue – The reception venue sets the stage so an outdoor daytime (and night time if applicable) shot of the property is ideal.
  • The sweets – Provide images of the wedding cake (or its equivalent!) , including any up close shots of particularly fetching details. Dessert tables should receive equal submission love as well.
  • The landscape and architecture – Was the ceremony set against an idyllic backdrop? Did the reception take place at a historic plantation? A photo or two highlighting the architectural details are always a welcome addition.
  • The couple – The wedding day itself would not have happened without the celebrated lovebirds, so select some of your favorite candid and posted.

Have you officially checked the above off of your list and are ready to hit send? Not so fast. Below are some of the most often forgotten images that deserve inclusion as well:

  • Getting ready details – More often than not, the photographer will include coverage of the couple as they prepare for the ceremony.  This is a great opportunity to catch some of the smaller, meaningful details, such as the antique brooch on the bouquet, the family pearls or an up close shot of the bowtie the groom had custom-made for the occasion.
  • The paper – Photos of wedding day stationery- from the table numbers and menus to the escort cards, are a given. Make sure, however, that the invitations receive a bit of love as well. Have the invitation suite on hand on the wedding day to ensure they’re shot as well.
  • The sentimental factor – Sure, details reign supreme when it comes to submissions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include a handful that pull at the heartstrings. If you have a shot of the father seeing his daughter for the first time and it leaves you misty-eyed, then by all means, include it.
  • The kiddos – Because a little ring bearer doing handstands in the aisle is always a winner.

And remember – every editor will have his or her preference so while the above can serve as a guideline, take the time to get to know the media outlets individually so you can better customize your pitch.