» Wedding PR: Making the Most of Social Media

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Meghan Ely

Meghan Ely is the owner of wedding marketing and wedding pr firm OFD Consulting. As a highly sought-after speaker in the wedding industry, she is the exclusive Wedding PR Education Expert for WeddingWire as well as the national Communications and Marketing Director for WIPA. To learn how OFD Consulting can assist you, as well as more about our new wedding PR kits, please visit us today.

If public relations is about getting your message to your desired audience, then social media is your bullhorn.

Most successful promotional campaigns involve a mix of strategies – from advertising and bridal shows to real wedding submissions and targeted media pitches. Oftentimes, they even work together hand-in-hand to achieve your desired results. Such is the case with social media, which complements the research, engagement and promotional aspects of public relations quite organically.

Wedding PR: Making the Most of Social MediaHere are the top four ways you should be using social media with your wedding PR strategies in mind:

  1. Get organized. If you’re looking to connect with media channels, then look no further than Twitter. This is a hub for reporters and editors alike, and they’re not afraid to start asking for submissions and content for their followers. Want to make sure you’re catching each and every opportunity? Create Twitter Lists, which allow you to organize your followers into categories. This is the perfect opportunity to create a set of media lists dedicated to each of your media groups – whether it be a list of wedding bloggers, magazine editors or regional outlets.
  2. Customer service. Wedding PR focuses on managing your reputation in the marketplace so customer service is essentially the front line for your company. These days, if a client is unhappy, they are far more likely to make sure everyone knows it online – oftentimes, before they’ve given you the courtesy of an email or phone call. The solution? Maintain a regular presence on your social media channels and be quick to respond to any negative comments, with the goal of simply moving the conversation to a more private channel.  
  3. Company promotion. I often get asked how in the world my royal wedding party was picked up by several national media outlets and the answer is simple – I put it out there on Facebook and Twitter at the optimal time and with the right hashtags. The good news? With a little practice, anyone can turn something newsworthy about their company into potential press by keeping an eye on what’s being talked about in the media and then crafting relevant posts. It’s really as easy as pie (well, in my case, fruit cake!).
  4. Bragging rights. Remember – your PR successes will only live as long as you allow them to, so make sure you are promoting each and every feature. Think beyond the typical “hey look I was featured” Facebook post. Create press pages on Facebook and Pinterest and update as new items become available. Create a memorable hashtag for your features (#ofdinthenews for example!), tag vendors as appropriate and share all the pertinent must-haves (link to feature, screen shot, respective social media links) with your wedding day team so they in turn have a chance to brag a bit.

The good news is that for most, social media marketing is already a welcome addition to their marketing strategies so integrating the above may be simpler than one would imagine. So get out there, and start making press happen.