» Top Tips to Reduce Stress – From the Experts!

Top Tips to Reduce Stress – From the Experts!Our #WeDoSomethingBlue campaign aims to help couples reduce wedding planning stress during the busy season, but what about our pros? Don’t you need a break? After all, you’re not just planning one wedding – you’re planning them all for your clients!

Whether you’re putting together personalized song lists, carefully-selected bouquets, or managing all the day-of details for your clients, the busy season is a stressful time for wedding and event pros. We asked some of our WeddingWire Education Experts to weigh in with their tried-and-true tips to reduce stress during this crazy time.

Plan ahead and take a break

“We all look forward to busy season and then, when it’s upon us, we can’t seem to catch our breath. The key to reducing your stress is to get organized before the craziness starts, and then stay ahead. When you get behind in your day to day tasks, you’re like a hamster on the wheel, and you can’t seem to get off. Proper advance planning, and leaving room in your timelines for the unexpected things that pop up helps break the cycle.

Remember to take a break every so often. Working non-stop is a sure path to burnout. Give your creative mind a break, take a walk, walk the dog, or whatever works for you, but get away from it. You’ll recharge your creativity by removing yourself from what you’re doing. Thomas Edison is famous for taking power naps on his desk. His wife brought a bed into his office, but he still napped on his desk. My secret… I have a recliner in my office, and if there’s a gap in my schedule, I enjoy a power nap. Whether it’s a 15-minute power nap, or as long as an hour (time-permitting), afterwards, I feel recharged and ready to keep going.”

Alan Berg, Certified Speaking Professional®

Write it all out and get away

“When you’re going crazy during wedding season, commit to yourself that you’ll do two things: complete a nightly and a weekly brain dump, and schedule some occasional breaks. For the brain dump, just spend a few minutes each evening writing out every random to-do item you can think of – you can then sort them and add the important stuff to your calendar. Repeating this exercise in more detail once a week, and taking time to map out your goals and priorities for the days ahead, will keep you from stressing about forgotten tasks and missed opportunities. Be sure, also, to schedule yourself at least a couple of days every month to do absolutely nothing but to rest and recharge. Even if you aren’t going anywhere, just having that time blocked off as sacred can make all the difference in the world in your mood and energy levels. Combining a little organization and a little relaxation can keep you going all season long.”

Jennifer Reitmeyer, President, MyDeejay

Challenge your brain – and your body

“Personally, I have a difficult time scheduling myself for anything particularly relaxing during the busy season. Things like spa days, yoga or meditating just opens the doors for me to start fretting over something. Instead, I schedule myself for something non-work related that allows me to step away while keeping my brain busy. I actually learned this about myself while planning my own wedding – even date nights would lead to me stressing out over certain details but I always enjoyed myself at dance lessons. We could pull away from the day-to-day but I was so focused on my (not so) fancy footwork, that it was a little vacation from the plans and to do lists.

These days, I’m really embracing my 6:45am boot camp because I can dedicate one hour a day to decompressing while getting in a great workout. My phone is off and away from my immediate grip (a rarity!) and I can just focus on the task at hand. I’ve seen a significant change in my stress levels as a result.”

Meghan Ely, Principal, OFD Consulting

Remember: Busy season is the best season for your business, and it can be a lot of fun! Embrace the season but stay calm with these suggestions.

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