» 10 Must-Do Resolutions for Wedding Vendors in 2014

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Christine Dyer is a social media expert and the founder of BridalTweet.com. Christine shares her social media expertise with the wedding industry through a series of free wedding marketing videos. As a testament of Christine’s social media success, BridalTweet now has over 14,000 Facebook fans, 44,000 Twitter followers, and over 3,000 Pinterest followers. Prior to launching BridalTweet, Christine Dyer was the Director of Social Media Marketing at American Express where she led the development and growth of their Facebook fan pages, which had 1.6 million fans. Christine received a B.S. and M.B.A. in marketing from Fordham University.

2014 is off to a great start – especially since January and February mark the high season for when couples get engaged and begin to plan their weddings! That makes this the perfect time for wedding vendors to reflect on areas where we can improve our businesses.

10 Must-Do Resolutions for Wedding Vendors in 2014Here are 10 resolutions that I believe every wedding professional needs to make to get this year off to a great start:

  1. Differentiate yourself Some days it can be overwhelming to think about how many wedding professionals there are in the industry, but don’t be discouraged! My advice is that you should create a short list of things that make you unique and present that list to potential wedding clients before even discussing your services. You can also survey your clients and ask them how your business can help them the most. Then, focus on selling what brides actually want – and not what you think they need. These tactics will help you to stand out!
  2. Provide valuable information – To get today’s couples’ attention, be sure to look at the world through their eyes. Ask yourself: what do they want and what do they need to know during the various stages of wedding planning? You are the wedding expert, so providing your advice in the form of a wedding blog can showcase your work and provide planning tips.
  3. Go above and beyond – Look at unique, special touches that can be offered to your wedding clients. These don’t have to cost a lot but that extra effort will go a long way in terms of client satisfaction. In addition, handle all customer service issues as soon as possible to build loyalty and increase the likelihood of future referrals.
  4. Don’t lower your prices – Have confidence in what your business offers and don’t sell yourself short! Focus on prospects in your target market – couples who value the problems that your business can solve for them.
  5. Say no – especially to Bridezillas – Many wedding professionals feel that they need to work with every single client, but you have to make sure your client relationships are mutually beneficial. It is OK to come to terms with the fact that not every client is a good fit for your business! The time you waste on clients who aren’t the right fit translates into money that you could have been using to drive new business. 
  6. Have face-to-face meetings – Stop relying on email as the only way to talk with clients. Even in our new world of social media, strong business relationships are still built in person.
  7. Hire great people – Hire people (or interns) who are better than you at certain job functions. If you’re too busy dealing with all the smaller details, you can’t focus on the bigger picture of the company. Find someone who can take that responsibility over for you.
  8. Attend at least one wedding industry event – Make an effort to network with your peers and to learn from them. You’ll be surprised about the doors that this can open for your business.
  9. Learn at least one new skill – Look at becoming skillful in a new area like blogging, social media, or getting a stronger grasp on your business’s accounting. You’ll be grateful that you did!
  10. Find balance – As small business owners, our businesses tend to take over our lives. Don’t forget to take time for yourself and your friends/family. Your clients will be able to tell if you are a well-balanced and well-rested person, which can deepen their trust and respect for you. And the bottom line is – you’ll be happier!

Be proud of your accomplishments in 2014. Celebrate the huge achievement of creating a wedding business and helping engaged couples. You are creating moments that your clients will remember for the rest of their lives!

What New Year’s resolutions do you want to add? Please comment below.

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