» Video Marketing Tips: Showcase Your Business!

According to Cisco Systems, the number of online video consumers will double to 1.5 billion by 2015, with total online video consumption predicted to quadruple. Now is the time to establish a strong video presence for your business!

Making a professional video in minutes is easy with the Video Builder, available in your account for all premium WeddingWire members (for free!). Create unlimited, high-quality videos using your event photos and customize your video with descriptions and branding. Simply select a theme, add photos, add a soundtrack from our library, and you have a video to share!

What types of videos can you create? You can easily create videos to showcase your business and breadth of work, from commercials, to events and weddings, holidays, and seasons.

How to do you make your videos impactful for your business? Our friends at Animoto have great video marketing tips for maximizing your video’s marketing impact through effective captions. Photos are a wonderful way to show your talent, but captions pull your brand messaging together and provide context to your potential clients and other viewers.

Some key take aways when creating your video captions:

  • Make your slogan stick: Be sure to include your business’ logo and any tagline at the start or finish of your video for branding impact.
  • Consider value: Add a quick caption about what makes your business unique, a top award you have received (such as being awarded the Bride’s Choice Award 2013) or a discounted or complimentary service you are willing to provide those who find you on WeddingWire, or through the video (such as a free consultation).
  • Provide a quick review: Consider adding in a simple line about your service from a past client so they can do the marketing for you. Something short and sweet from a happy past client will resonate, just be sure to ask their permission!
  • Share your business’ history: Let your viewers know a bit more about your business. Including a line about your experience when relevant can be impressive. Such as, “married for 20 years, in business together for 15!” or “with over 30 years combined event experience in the LA area!
  • Be genuine: Show some personality while remaining professional. Don’t be afraid to have fun with the images and comments. For example, share what you loved about the particular event, explain why Valentine’s day is your favorite holiday, or Summer your favorite season with photos and captions. Finally, consider ending the video with a thank you message for those who took  the time to watch – and encouraging them to be in touch with a phone number or email address.

Video’s consumer impact is growing rapidly, so don’t let your business fall behind!

Get started today! Have questions? We are here to help.