» Using Inquiry Questionnaires and Auto Response Emails

With the end of engagement season and the start of wedding planning for all the newly engaged couples right around the corner, your business is going to be managing an influx of inquiries. Being able to manage your new inquires, your current clients and your already-booked events can be a lot to juggle!

Using Inquiry Questionnaires and Auto Response EmailsWeddingWire launched a variety of tools in our Clients tab to help Premium Pros manage their clients throughout all phases of the booking process, from first inquiry to payment. These tools will help you run your business more smoothly by streamlining the process for you as well as your clients. Two of the ways you can quickly and easily improve your efficiency is by taking advantage of WeddingWire inquiry Questionnaires and auto response emails.

With our Questionnaire tool you can build a custom questionnaire for your prospective clients to complete before you even speak with them. This will make your first conversation more productive, as you already have the basic questions out of the way and you can spend time with the client and deciding if they are the right fit for you.

Haven’t used an inquiry questionnaire before? Not sure of questions to ask prospective clients?

Think basic – What is their event date? What is their wedding theme? How many guests will be attending? What is the best time to connect with them to discuss your services further? Keep in mind that most couples are reaching out to multiple vendors for more information about their services – don’t make your questionnaire too long. For examples of questions to include for your service category, see this post about the benefits of a questionnaire!

Be strategic – Ask your prospective clients how they found your business. You’ll want to know how they found you, and asking when it’s still fresh in your client’s mind is likely going to yield better results than waiting until later. Ask specific questions like, “Have you read any reviews about my business?” to get more details on their search process.

Auto response emails are another way you can use WeddingWire to manage inbound leads. If you’re out of the office or otherwise busy during the day, setting up an auto response email will help you to make contact with potential couples right after they submit an inquiry to convey interest in working with them. Often, Wedding Pros see success when they incorporate questionnaires into their auto response emails to begin collecting information about the couple immediately.

Ready to get started? To begin building a questionnaire and enabling an auto response email, follow our step-by-step instructions below!

  1. Click the account settings icon at the top of the page (next to your name).
  2. Select “Questionnaires” beneath Client Settings.
  3. Select “Add Questionnaire Template” and be sure to change the type to Inquiry.
  4. Edit the template and add questions as you see fit.
  5. Select “Inquiry Response” beneath Client Settings.
  6. Select “Add Email Template.” From here you can customize the email to be sent out to any prospective clients who submits a lead through the Contact Us button. Don’t forget to select your inquiry questionnaire using the drop down bar at the bottom of the email template!
  7. Name your Template and check off “Make this Auto Response Email Default.”

Setting up an inquiry questionnaire and an auto response email will help you manage your inbound leads during the 2014 wedding season and beyond!