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Getting a professionally designed logo that is up to your standards is often difficult for the small business owner on a budget and limited timeframe. Look no further if you are in need of a new logo, business card, or virtually anything for your business. As written up in TechCruch, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Entrepreneur, 99 Designs is a company that allows your business to receive multiple options at an affordable price.

The crowdsourcing method basically allows your business to submit information about your need to a group (in this case, graphic designers) who will compete for your business. The company, started in Melbourne, has grown to be the self proclaimed #1 in the marketplace with a new design submitted every 6 seconds. Their goal? To provide a “friendly, professional, and secure environment where designers from all walks of life can find opportunity and compete on a level playing field.”

Want more information? Check out the tutorial video on their website.