» Internet Explorer Security Alert

The following alert concerns any of our Pros using Internet Explorer as their browser of choice.

Microsoft has admitted to a major vulnerability in the Internet Explorer browser over the weekend. This vulnerability allows users who visit a page with using IE (versions 9 through 11) to be open to hackers who aim to set up malicious sites in order to gain complete access to visitors’ PC.

We know that a lot of our Pros access their WeddingWire accounts using IE, so we highly encourage you to take the following actions in order to protect yourself from this vulnerability:

  1. Refrain from using any version of Internet Explorer until the vulnerability is repaired.
  2. Use Firefox or Chrome for your office needs (and personal use at home as well) and ensure that the browser is running the most recent version as well.

There is always some risk in using the Internet and no browser is completely safe, but taking the steps above will help your business protect itself from hackers who are looking to access your personal information. You can use the links below to download the alternative browser of your choice:

Download Firefox >

Download Chrome >

For more information on the security notes regarding this vulnerability, please see the list of additional resources below.