» 3 Tools to Help Your Business

If you haven’t already, check out these tools for the Wedding Pro on-the-go.

1. TweetAlarm – get notified when someone mentions your brand or product. It’s easy and free to sign up and choose what you want to be notified about. The goal here is to save yourself the time of searching, instead you can just set it up once and receive and alert to stay on top of any mentions of your company.

2. Bump – this tool allows you to exchange contact information on your iPhone or Droid by actually physically bumping your phones together. Save time when meeting new people at conferences and events by quickly “bumping.”
3. GroupMe – if you are onsite at an event or anywhere you need to communicate with a group of coworkers, this tool allows you to set up a group text number to provide updates and information in a timely manner. Get your alerts and instructions to your entire team in one blast.