» 3 Tips to Help Improve Productivity

Many view the summer as a time to relax and unwind but for people in the wedding industry, it’s the opposite. Summertime is wedding season, which means it’s the busy season for wedding professionals. How can a Pro make the most out of the 24 hours in a day?

Here are 3 management tips that will not only help you manage your time efficiently but also help improve productivity:

1. Stay focused on the task at hand

3 Tips for Improving Productivity

We live in a world of constant communication and distraction. With so much always going on, multi -tasking often happens. However, multi-tasking can interfere with effective time management and productivity. By splitting your time between several things, like reading an email while you are on the phone with a client, you are not putting all your mind power towards your tasks. It may seem easier to split your time up between things, but that can lead to lack-luster work. Focus on one task for a given amount of time. Doing one task at a time will improve the quality of your work and allow you to be more organized and efficient.

2. Prioritize

As the day goes on it tends to always get more hectic. Whether you realize you have a last minute deadline or you discover you have more work than expected, it is easy to feel crazed as the day comes to an end. Focus on doing your most important tasks at the beginning of the day to make sure they get done and get done well before the chaos of the day ensues. Set out daily with a list of items to do and prioritize your tasks: the beginning of the work day is always the best time to do the biggest and most important things to make sure they get done.

3. Make a schedule but be flexible

One of the keys to successful time management is making a schedule. To make the best and most efficient schedule you must be flexible and willing to make adjustments. If you realize you only have 30 minutes instead of an hour to do a task, don’t stress or cram! Either take 30 minutes to do good work on the task and schedule 30 minutes another day to finish, or move on to your next undertaking and reschedule the other task. Don’t drive yourself crazy over schedules; they are meant to make your day easier not more hectic.

These three tips will help you to better manage your time, avoid added stress and help you stay on task. We would love to hear from you! What time management tips do you find most effective?