» 3 Advantages of Having a Mobile Presence

3 Advantages of Having a Mobile PresenceSpend time walking around a public place and you’ll see the majority of people using mobile devices in one way or another. Whether texting, surfing the web or playing a game, people are on their smartphones and tablets at an ever-increasing rate. As a wedding and events professional, you may find it hard to understand how you can take advantage of this trend – but you can (and should).

While the core of your business is the same – you’re still selling the same product or service – mobile customers expect a different experience when searching for their perfect Pros. Your business’ information needs to be easily found, read and digested so those searching during a free moment can learn all they can quickly and efficiently!

Don’t just take our word for it – below are three advantages of having a mobile presence for your wedding business:

Conduct business anywhere, at any time

When potential customers can interact with your business on mobile, it makes it easier for them to keep your business in their consideration set. If a potential customer cannot find or access your business’ key information from her phone, she might cross your business off her list and keep moving forward with a competitor. WeddingWire’s mobile site allows potential customers to find your Storefront and inquire about your business on-the-go, meaning that you’re never out of touch. Our Mobile Website Creator also makes it easy for your business to optimize your website for mobile in a few easy steps, without having to consult a website developer.

Improve customer service quality and responsiveness

If your business is accessible via mobile, that means you’ll inevitably be required to respond to customer service questions and issues as they happen. If your website or Storefront receives an inquiry, you’ll receive an email notification about it and be able to respond via email or phone call. Without a mobile presence, your potential must be able to access your business from a computer where they can then contact you – but that might be too late. By having a mobile presence, your business is able to hear from the customer when they experience any issues or have any questions, which means you can respond faster, resulting in greater satisfaction.

Provide a seamless multi-channel experience

Couples who plan together, in one place, probably do first become aware of your business via desktop – but that doesn’t mean that they won’t also access your business later from their tablets or smartphones when they’re further along in the decision-making process. Couples should be able to go back and forth from any device and find the same information about your business. Having a mobile presence means that couples can always find you, no matter how they’re searching or how much time they have at that given moment!

Having a mobile presence for your wedding business won’t change the much about the way you conduct business, but will change the way potential customers interact with your business for the better! Keep these advantages in mind (and the WeddingWire tools that can assist!) and you’ll reach more couples and keep them coming back to your Storefront.