» 2014 Prep: Set Up Your Clients Tab!

The Clients tab in premium WeddingWire accounts are designed for wedding and event professionals like you! We created it to help you manage your clients so you can focus on doing what you love. Premium Pros have access to this suite of industry-leading tools that allow you to manage your client relationships, from prospect to payment – included at no additional cost.

We’ve heard from some Pros who’ve said it’s hard to find the time to shift from their current client management system to our system while still maintaining the business. During the holiday season, you likely have fewer events and fewer inquiries, but January is a huge planning month for newly engaged couples. What better time to set up your Clients tab and prepare for the newly engaged couples who will start sending inquiries your way soon?

Take a day or two in the upcoming weeks to check out the Clients tab to see how you can start saving time and money by using the WeddingWire suite of tools to manage your clients so you will be organized and ready to boost your business in the New Year.

Below are a few best practices to help you make the transition to online client management!

2014 Prep: Set up Your Clients Tab!Inquiries: Use the Inquiries section to better manage incoming inquiries from potential clients. We require essential event details, such as event type, date, time and location, so you can make faster decisions about which clients you’d like to work with.

Questionnaires: Create custom questionnaires to collect responses from each client and prospect regarding their individual event needs. Find out the client’s budget, event location, music preferences, etc. and save the details so you go back and reference them whenever you need them.

Digital Contracts: Create digital contracts to quickly provide your clients with customizable details like contract terms, payment schedule and required signatures. You can also make revisions to your contracts in real-time and see a history of the changes made to make it easy to keep track. Want to make the process even faster? Close the deal in seconds with Digital Signatures! No more faxing or waiting for the mail – your clients can electronically sign their contract directly through their own personal password-protected Client Site.

Tasks: Keep track of all the little (yet important) details by scheduling tasks. One glance at the task manager can show you what needs to be accomplished this month, next month or even next year! You’ll be notified if your tasks are past due so you can get back on track. If you need help getting organized, have our system auto-create tasks for each of your clients based on where you are in the planning process.

Our premium Pros are already using WeddingWire to assist in their marketing efforts, help them be found by engaged couples in their area, collect reviews from past clients and more – let our Clients tab make your account your all-in-one stop for managing your business!

Use your “quiet” time this holiday season to set up the tools in your Clients tab and start the New Year off more organized and more efficiently than ever before!

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