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Webinar Recap!

Wedding PR Tips WebinarWedding PR can be an intimidating concept, yet it’s an imperative step for reaching (and impressing!) your target audience. No matter your business category, you are an expert in what you do and deserve to get noticed for your work. This month’s educational webinar for premium members focused on how to generate publicity for your business.

WeddingWire Education Expert Meghan Ely shared her insights on how to be your own wedding publicist, ways to make connections with the media, and how to submit a stellar real wedding or event.

Interested in getting featured? Check out these top best practices for real wedding submissions:

  • Read the submission guidelines thoroughly: Make sure you carefully read all submission guidelines, so you don’t take yourself out of the running! Usually real wedding submissions require all contact info, lots of photos, the couples’ name, a wedding date – and more unique stipulations. Don’t miss your press opportunity because you didn’t pay attention to what they wanted.
  • Offer exclusivity: Some publications want to know your work isn’t going to also be showcased by a competitor. You can get an edge up by proactively offering exclusivity. You may need to be willing to be exclusive if you want the publication to take your submission seriously or to make your submission more attractive.

  • Make sure you have the couple’s permission: It is crucial to have the couples’ permission to use their wedding photos and wedding day story. Make sure you get the couples’ written permission either during your contract phase, or post event, before you submit. After all, it is their day and some couples prefer to keep it more private.
  • Include every vendor, along with links to their website or Storefront: Give every vendor that played a role in the wedding day team accolades! They worked hard and were part of the day, so deserve credit as well. Any easy way to make this simple is to chat with the vendors and get their contact information at the event if you think it may be a wedding you are interested in submitting to save your time in the future. Most will be thrilled to be included, and likely to return the favor one day.
  • Showcase your feature: Once you get published, now is the time to show off you great work! Real event features are a great opportunity to spread the word about your business and your talents. Feel free to share these with potential clients, promote through your social media accounts, and add to your website or blog.

Ready to start submitting your work? Visit www.realweds.com today to submit real weddings, and www.realeventpics.com to submit real events to WeddingWire’s network of sites and inspirational e-magazines.

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