» Wed We Can: How to Stand Out to Same-Sex Couples

Webinar  Recap!Wed We Can: How to Stand Out to Same-Sex Couples

To kick off Pride month this coming June, our webinar this month focused on how to stand out to same-sex couples for wedding pros who are serving all types of loving couples. This month’s webinar taught our listeners important updates on the changing legal landscape of gay marriage, the do’s and don’ts of presenting your business to same-sex couples, and how to maximize both your WeddingWire and GayWeddings.com accounts.

As usual we invited our premium members to listen to our webinar, but we also invited our lite members who have opted in to being listed on GayWedding.com. Kathryn Hamm, President of GayWeddings.com, and Sonny Ganguly, Chief Marketing Officer at WeddingWire, hosted the webinar on how to better serve and reach same-sex couples for LGBTQ-friendly Pros.

What you should do:

Understand the couple and their needs. The LGBTQ community is a powerful community and you want to make sure you understand their culture and politics. Know the difference between the evolving labels and be familiar with the evolving legal landscape in your home state.

Maximize your WeddingWire and GayWeddings account. For starters, make sure that you have opted in to be listed on GayWeddings’ vendor inventory. Next, make sure you customize your GayWeddings account photo with an inclusive profile image. This should be an image of same-sex couples, an image that showcases your services like a venue or favorite cake, or a marriage equality image such as the Wed We Can badge.

Use inclusive language. Be mindful on your website and marketing materials to address all types of couples. As mentioned before, WedingWire uses the word couple rather than bride or groom to be inclusive.

What you should not do:

Don’t assume gender roles. Think past the past the concept of gender roles being defined as “masculine/feminine.” Don’t assume that one individual is “masculine” and the other “feminine.” Think of the pair as a couple and customize your services based off their requests, not your assumptions.

Don’t limit yourself. Be diverse in your marketing content. Include all different ethnicities, races, body types, ages, religions, and genders. Showcasing the diversity in your wedding experiences is a great way to show potential clients how you appreciate ALL different types of couples.

Don’t rely on the word “bride.” The wedding industry tends to always focus on the word bride but in modern wedding planning, they are not the only focus. At WeddingWire we focus on the term “couple” rather than bride. By using the word couple you can avoid the gender stereotypes and gender roles associated with bride. Also, be sensitive to the fact that there are decision-makers and prospective clients beyond the couple. LGBTQ couples, grooms, and other family members may want to play a role in the wedding plan as well.

Ready to start reaching same-sex couples? Opt into the GayWeddings.com directory!

How to Opt-in to the GayWeddings.com vendor directory:

  1. Log into WeddingWire account
  2. Click on “advertising” tab
  3. Click on “Storefront”
  4. Click on “FAQ”
  5. Click “edit” next to “other information”
  6. Once here, check you serve “LGBTQ Weddings/Ceremonies”
  7. Click “save” and you will be listed within 24 hours

Premium members, check out the Education tab within your WeddingWire account for more information soon about June’s educational webinar! Have additional questions? Email pros@weddingwire.com and a representative will be in touch soon.