» Top 4 Tips for Effective Client Email Pitches

Turn more of your inquires into meetings and new clients!  Follow these top 4 tips for effective email pitches to your potential clients, and be on your way to booking more weddings and events.

 1. Be Personal

Your emails to your potential clients should be personalized. Be sure to reference them by name, and ask questions about their wedding or event. Engaged couples want personal attention for their special day, and asking the right questions can help you to stand out among the rest!  Express that you would love the opportunity to connect on the phone or in person, and hear more about their wedding plans, how they met, and how they are envisioning their perfect day—so you can be sure to help them create a meaningful and memorable wedding.

2. Be Purposeful

Creating a specific call to action is key.  It isn’t enough to just send availabilities, costs or work examples. Be sure to make the ask for an appointment, and the more specific you are the better. For example: “I would love the opportunity to hear more about what you envision for your perfect day, and discuss ways I could assist to make your wedding as special as possible. Are you available for an appointment next Monday?”

3. Be Persistent

It is okay to politely follow up on any messages that were not returned. This shows the engaged couple that you are interested and committed to their event, even before you are officially one of their Wedding Pros! It is best to give them a few days to get back to you, and follow up in about 3 days if you have not heard back to check in. This shows that you are confident in your business, but be careful to not appear overly pushy. Couples want Pros who are on top of their game, and who follow up on details for their behalf, so never be afraid to follow up. It sets a good precedent for your work ethic and attention to detail.

 4. Be Polite

Always say “thank you.” In your initial email, thank the engaged couple for their interest and express that you are honored they are considering your service for their wedding. Even if you hear that the couple is going with an alternative Pro, always reply to thank them for their time and consideration and send them best wishes. You never know, they may refer you to others or use you for a future event! Plus, this will help solidify your professional, courteous reputation in the industry.