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Top 10 Ways to Refresh Your Marketing Strategy - WeddingWire EDU BlogAs the end of the year approaches, it’s a great time to re-examine your marketing strategy! Small changes to your marketing strategies and tactics can often have a big impact on your business. It doesn’t have to take a lot of effort to update the way your business comes across to potential customers!

These 10 quick tips address the various areas where you can easily refresh your marketing strategy:

Social Media Marketing

10.  Refresh your “Following” list. Whenever a business sets up a company page on social media, one of the first actions taken is to follow or “Like” other friendly businesses or thought leaders – and then it’s forgotten about. Take some time to update the pages/accounts you’re following on each network. You’ll be surprised at the new ideas that can be sparked by hearing yet another point of view, and many businesses will follow or “like” you back!

9.  Add social widgets to your website or blog. Make it easy for your website visitors or blog readers to become a fan on your social media accounts by adding each network’s widget to your website. Widgets like Facebook’s Like box, Twitter’s Embedded Timelines and Pinterest’s buttons and widgets are all fairly easy to add to your website and allow your visitors to find your account and interact with it right from the page they’re already on.

Video Marketing

8.  Create a video about your business. Even before you meet a potential client face to face, your website or Storefront is representing your brand. You probably have plenty of content about your business and photos of your work, but have you considered the power of video marketing? Try using our easy-to-use Video Builder tool to create a video with your own photos and music of your choice.

Search Marketing

7.  Check your website’s health. Go through your website and take inventory! Which pages have broken links? Are there any pages that load slowly? These issues factor into the quality of your website when it’s being evaluated by a search engine, so make sure your website is up-to-date and that everything is working properly.

6.  Optimize your blog posts for search engines. If you’re writing blog posts on a regular basis, that’s a great step towards getting your business’s expertise out there. The work doesn’t stop there, though! Make your content more visible by identifying and researching the keywords visitors would type in to find you and add those to your blog posts. Make sure they’re in the title, content and meta data. People searching those keywords will be more likely to find your educational and helpful content!

Email Marketing

5.  Implement a responsive design. “Responsive design” is a design strategy aimed at providing an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. Since 44% of emails worldwide are now opened on a mobile device, your customers are likely reading emails on a variety of screen sizes. Design a new template or use an existing template that responds and adjusts to the email reader’s device.

4.  Try new list segmentation methods. You likely have a variety of customers potentially reading your emails – potential customers, existing customers, perhaps even other event-type customers in addition to your engaged couples. Those groups are not interested in the same information, so segment your emails in a way that sends certain information only to the group it is most relevant to.

Mobile Marketing

3.  Create a mobile website, if you haven’t already. 80% of consumers will leave a mobile site after just one bad experience! Don’t miss out on these potential clients interested in your services just because your business has not gone mobile. Use our Mobile Website Creator to easily optimize your website for mobile and tablet devices!

2.  Shorten/tighten up your website’s content. Keep the content on your website concise and actionable so visitors accessing it from a mobile device can easily scroll and take action. Any website forms you use should be short and simple, with easy-to-fill fields.

And what’s the #1 thing you can do to refresh your marketing strategy?

1.  Focus on the data. Use whatever data you have to inform your decisions – from Facebook Insights to full-blown Google Analytics, find out how your customers are interacting with your brand. Check which emails get the most opens or clicks, which social media posts get the most likes/comments/retweets or which blog posts or web pages get the most visits. All of this information can help you decide which tactics are successful and identify which areas could use some improvement. Focusing on the data will help you update your marketing strategy across all of the areas mentioned above, and more!

Follow these 10 steps, and your marketing strategy will be fresh and new in time for the new year!

Do you have any to add? Share in the comments!

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