» Tips for Telling the Couple’s Story

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People love a good story, plain and simple.  We can oooh at the sight of swoon worthy dresses and ahhh over tasty confections but at the end of the day, we like to hear the story behind it.

Such is the case with Real Wedding submissions. Detail heavy images will continue to rule the proverbial roost but oftentimes, the narrative can be just compelling so before you hit send, make sure you include the wedding day tale in your pitch.

So what to cover exactly?

While it varies from wedding to wedding, it can be fun to include any creative “how they met” or “how they got engaged” stories, especially if they tied it into the wedding day itself. Also remember to include favorite unique details from the day, especially any of which that hold a special meaning. Finally, have the newlyweds share favorite memories, along with any wedding planning advice or tips for other couples planning their big day.

One way to stay organized is to send a questionnaire to the couple prior to their wedding day to collect details about the event. Not only will you have the majority of the content you need to move forward (such as, who did the catering, when did they do their first dance), but you’ll also receive better insight into their wedding and elements that are most important to the couple.

What if the couple doesn’t have an interest in sharing their story?

Have no fear, you’ve got your own story to tell as well! If you have a particularly strong wedding to submit, don’t be afraid to share the wedding day story from your point of view. Include special details that stood out to you, favorite moments and how much you enjoyed working with the couple. As long as you’ve formally received approval from the couple to submit, you’re well within your rights to do so.

So grab that pen (or keyboard) and get to work! That real wedding submission isn’t going to write itself.