» The Do’s and Don’ts of Responding to Inquiries

As the wedding industry continues to evolve and become even more reliant on the internet, the ways in which couples reach out to prospective Wedding Pros is changing as well. Now, more than ever, couples are doing their due diligence by researching Pros and reaching out to multiple options at once – all online!

Sometimes it may be difficult to get back in touch after a prospective client submits an inquiry, which may make it feel as though your inquiries are not converting into bookings. Follow these do’s and don’ts of responding to inquiries to make sure you’re turning all your leads into bookings!


The Do’s and Don’ts of Responding to InquiriesReturn all contact in a timely fashion. Because most couples are reaching out to multiple Pros at once, you want to be sure to get back in touch quickly. Whether it’s by email or by phone, set time aside during your day to get caught up.

If you’re using Inquiry Questionnaires, keep them short! Remember that too many questions can scare off potential clients by being too long to read or answer. If the couple is indeed reaching out to multiple Pros, they likely don’t want to spend the time to read through a lengthy questionnaire.

  • Pro Tip: Stick to the basics with questions like: “What is the best way to reach you?” or “What is your event date?”

Be sure to answer any questions asked in the initial inquiry. Many initial leads will reference price – keep in mind that just because a potential client asks about your pricing does not mean they are price shopping. Most of your clients have never been married before and simply may not be educated about the pricing for your services!

  • Pro Tip: If giving pricing is specific to each client – still give them a starting price, or an average.

If you don’t hear back, send a final attempt at contact. Let them know you would love to work with them, but you are receiving other inquiries for their wedding date. You don’t want to waste their time or yours if it isn’t going to work out, and this way you can get a final answer so you can book or move on to other potential clients.


Bombard potential clients with too many calls and emails. Try using a specific model, such as phone call then follow-up email. The couple can pick up on your pattern and may connect with you on the medium of their choice when they get a spare moment.

  • Pro Tip: Use the final attempt email to be sure that your potential client is aware that you have other couples interested in your services on their wedding date!

Only use the phone to contact prospective clients. Every client is different – some prefer to work via email while others would prefer a phone call, but it’s important to both call and email potential leads. This two-pronged approach shows that you are flexible in how you connect with them and allows them to choose their preference.

  • Pro Tip: If they did not leave their phone number in their initial inquiry, you can assume they would prefer to be contacted via email.

Forget to ask where your potential client found you. Asking how a couple find you is crucial! It is also imperative to ask as soon as possible to get the most accurate answer, as with all the research the couple is likely doing, they might forget and say the first thing that pops into their head.

  • Pro Tip: Include a “How did you find me?” drop-down menu on your contact form to make sure you know exactly how you’re receiving your leads.

These do’s and don’ts will help you convert more leads into bookings and streamline your sales process for the 2014 wedding season!