» Success Tips to Get Your Year Started Off Right

Success tips 2015The start of a new year is a great time to check in on yourself and how you are feeling, both on a professional and personal level. It is also a great time to ‘re-set’ any negative habits or re-align yourself better for success. These success tips will help get your year started off right!

We know that new year resolutions can be tough to stick to at times, but this recent article on Entreprenuer.com focused on tips to better yourself and go from simply successful to very successful in manageable ways.

Check out these common success myths and the truth behind them, and how we think this can apply to your events business!

Myth 1: Successful people say, “If I can fit it in, I should fit it in.”

Truth: Very successful people are selective.

To be successful, you have to learn to be able to say ‘no’ sometimes! You cannot do everything, and be everywhere, so set priorities for your growth this year and only say ‘yes’ to the opportunities and events that best align with your goals. If you find yourself over worked, now could also be the time to start delegating more or add another member to your team!

Myth 2: Successful people sleep four hours a night.

Truth: Very successful people rest well so they can be at peak performance.

Sleep is an important factor in your success and overall health! While not every person needs the exact same amount of sleep to function at optimal levels the next day, aim to get close to a recommended eight hours of sleep per night. This will help you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day! Put down work a bit early to catch some extra sleep, and you will likely perform better the next morning and at your events.

Myth 3: Successful people think play is a waste of time.

Truth: Very successful people see play as essential for creativity.

Taking time for yourself is essential for your happiness, and happiness will lead to success. Even if you love what you do and are passionate about your job, if you don’t take time to relax and unwind you will burn out. Be sure to schedule in some downtime to do things you enjoy and connect with family and friends even during busy season. It will pay off!

Myth 4: Successful people are the first ones to jump in with an answer.

Truth: Very successful people are powerful listeners.

Listening is a key to succeeding, and to connecting with the person who is doing the talking. In a client focused industry like weddings and events, it is necessary that you ask your potential clients what they are looking for, and get to know their personalities to connect and ultimately get the booking. Plus, you need to listen to their questions and feedback along the planning process to keep them happy so they will be glowing about your services after the big day. Know how to sell your business, but also know when to listen and ask good questions and your business will boom.

Myth 5: Successful people focus on what the competition is doing.

Truth: Very successful people focus on what they can do better.

While knowing what your competition is up to can be helpful, the most important person and business for you to focus on is you! Spend your time improving your services, asking clients and those who went with a competitor what it was about your business that sold them or turned them away to get insights into your business. Then, make efforts to highlight your strengths and actively work to improve your weaknesses, and you will continue to grow. Self awareness along with a passion to always improve will drive you forward leaps and bounds!

We hope these five keys to success will help you stay focused and motivated into 2015 and beyond!