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Did you know you can submit your real events to be featured on EventWire, and our partner site Celebrations.com?

Don’t let your amazing photos from life events including photos from Bar/Bat Mitzvahs to birthday parties to baby showers, corporate events, and more go unnoticed.

Share your favorite photos of real events with the world! Submit your photos and learn more at RealEventPics.com. You can learn more about the submission process, upload your photos directly through the form, and share all the details of the event with us. It’s easy!

If you are selected for a feature, your work will be credited and we will link to your EventWire Storefront, and the Storefronts of all vendors who participated in the event. Being featured in editorial is a great opportunity for added publicity for your business and to impress potential clients.


Questions? Email realevents@eventwire.com for more information!

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