» Refresh Your Storefront This Engagement Season

Refresh Your Storefront This Engagement Season!With wedding season coming to end, we are moving into the height of engagement season. Over 40% of engagements occur between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day and these potential new clients will begin planning their weddings. Now is a great time to make sure your WeddingWire Storefront is going to attract as many couples as possible.

Below are three tips to help you get set up for success this engagement season!

1.  Add updated photos and videos to your Storefront

Make sure you take the time to collect photos and videos from the events you’ve done this year and add them to your Storefront. Couples want to see recently updated content on your Storefront since both photos and videos help them establish a mental connection with your business’ products and services. Be sure to include unique details when naming or tagging your photos!

Pro Tip: Be sure to introduce yourself to other Pros working your client’s wedding so that later you feel more comfortable asking for photos from the event that you would like to feature on your Storefront or website. Just remember to always give proper credit to each Pro’s work you’ll be featuring!

2.  Reach out to your recent clients for reviews

Remember to reach out to your couples from 2014 for reviewers sooner rather than later! Having recent reviews is important to potential clients and each review you collect helps build your online credibility. Each review you collect during 2014 will count towards your eligibility for our annual Couples’ Choice Awards, which are awarded in January!

Pro Tip: Consider reaching out for reviews a few different ways, and remember to include your personalized review URL!

3.  Review your About Us section

It’s always a good idea to make sure your About Us section is up to date and will really attract prospective clients. Keep in mind that having your About Us section contributes to your search engine visibility. Be sure to craft the message in this section specifically for engaged couples to express your excitement about being a part of their special day!

Pro Tip: Consider making your About Us section 3 paragraphs – this has proven to be most visually pleasing and will increase the likelihood that prospective clients read all of the content in your About Us section.

Overall, be sure your online presence is up to date with recent work and reviews to showcase your services to the newly engaged couples. Spending some time updating your Storefront will result in more traffic, leads and bookings for the upcoming year and beyond!