» Read Your Clients

Client interaction is an important part of your success as a Wedding Pro. From your first impression with a potential client, to the day of their wedding, and even beyond their honeymoon, your actions can positively or negatively affect the outcome of your relationship. While you know to put your best foot forward from the start – how do you know if you are well received?

As you pitch an engaged couple and begin to develop a rapport, take note of things like eye contact, willingness to sign a contract, and their tone of voice. Usually you will be able to tell from your first meeting the likelihood that you will book a couple by monitoring their behavior and reactions. As you move through the planning process, keep these signals in mind and you should be able to tell if the couple is satisfied and if they will leave you a glowing review on your WeddingWire Storefront and recommend you to their friends and family!

If you are winning someone over, they are likely to:

  • Mirror your movements
  • Smile slightly
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Raise their chin to the same level as yours, not higher or lower

If someone is turned off or unhappy, they are likely to:

  • Raise their chin up or move slightly down protecting their throat
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Nervous gestures
  • Lack of response

Taking note of your client’s behavior and body language will let you know where you stand and help you to gauge future interactions. Be sure to maintain your relationship throughout the entire process by checking in and following up with your clients. Even if you can’t answer their questions right away, let them know you received their message and give an estimated time you can get back to them.