» No Meeting Space? No Problem

Many Wedding Pros outside of those of you with a built in location (i.e. venues) don’t have office space to meet with potential clients to discuss your services. If you often find yourself looking for the most convenient coffee shop or other place to meet, consider some of the options below.

OPEN Forum suggested these 10 spots in a recent article as unique places to meet – while they might not all be best for you business (re: sailboat), try a couple out and see how they work for you! Finding a special spot will help set you apart from the competition and create a more memorable experience versus sitting in the corner of your local Starbucks.

1. Library – not only is there one in almost every town, it’s completely free which is always a plus
2. Boat – okay so we know this one will only work in certain situations, but if it does will definitely be memorable!
3. Outdoors – find a serene area (preferably away from any potential bugs or pests) with a nice bench, of course weather pending
4. Spa – most spa’s will allow you to rent out their meeting space, you’ll benefit from calm lighting and aromatherapy scents
5. Racetrack – another idea that may only work for some but definitely a good way to bring energy
6. Diner – nothing like a little syrup on the side of wedding talk
7. Driving Range – relax and discuss details between hits, many ranges have a nice set up with table and chairs making it a convenient meeting spot as well
8. Universities – there are typically tons of places indoors and out around campus to hold a meeting
9. Client’s House – let couples know you are willing to travel to them if they are comfortable, just don’t invite yourself over!
10. Your House – if you have a clutter-free area where your guests will feel comfortable, inviting them into your home can help build trust

Have you tried any unique or creative meeting places? Leave a comment below to tell us know what has worked (or hasn’t) for your business!