» Keeping Up With The Jones’

twitter-previewStaying up-to-date with business and marketing trends is critical to any company, but especially in an industry like weddings where most marketing happens online these days.  But information doesn’t just fall from the sky, it means we have to do some homework.  Finding time to learn something new everyday might not fit into your schedule, but carving out an hour or so a few days a week should be a priority, after all your clients expect you stay current with today’s trends.

Keeping current with wedding trends is probably easy as you know where and how to find that information, but what about search engine marketing trends?  Or Search Engine Optimization tactics?  Or web design best practices?

To start, you’ll need a RSS reader account.  I’ll suggest using Google Reader as it’s free and easy to setup.  Below are a few of the websites I follow regularly:

Social Media Trends:

Search Marketing:

Search Engine Optimization

Web Design

And a few others for good measure

Hopefully this is enough to get you started.  And if this seems like too many, I have over 50 feeds in my Google Reader account at the moment (and I know people with many more!)

How many feeds are you following currently?  Got any other great sites to suggest?