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Kylie Carlson

Kylie Carlson is the founder of the Wedding and Event Institute, a certification and training company offering courses in wedding planning, event planning and event design. With campuses in the US, Australia, New Zealand and the UK, Kylie is a sought after international speaker on the business of weddings and events. She has also helped to launch the businesses of over 250 wedding planners around the world and is on the Advisory Board of Event Solutions Magazine.

Branding in 2014 is all about storytelling. Before you can tell your story, though, you need to take your brand on a journey that will allow you to attract and engage with your target market. This comes through knowing and understanding what makes you truly unique and irresistible to your audience. We like to call this the five steps of branding; a process that walks you through your focus, values, personality, color and communication.

The Journey of a BrandFocus

What is it you want to be known for? Take some time to sit down and really think about what it is you want your customers to recognize in you or your product. Think about what makes your business unique and what it is your customers find compelling about you. What do you do really well and how do you interact with clients? Why do people want to buy what you do?

Once your business has a defined focus you can really mold your brand into something that will resonate and start to tell the story and take people on the journey of your brand. It is this that ultimately people buy into.


Once you’ve found your focus it is easy to then pinpoint your values. These are what underpin your business and show people what you stand for. They guide the way you do business. They help you to establish a foundation from which your clients will form expectations and build a level of trust.


The personality of your business should shine through in everything you do. If you think about your favorite brands they will all have a personality that appeals to you. Is your brand sophisticated, exciting, sincere, competent, reliable, creative etc.? These are all adjectives that could be relative to your wedding brand.

Take Weight Watchers for example, they are so much more than just a weight loss solution. They empower women and are empathetic with a strong message using powerful words such as ‘believe’ in their marketing and Jennifer Hudson emphasized this when she was their ambassador.

Whatever your brand’s personality is, make sure it comes across loud and clear and that you give it a voice. Don’t hide it away. Instead shout it from the rooftops so your potential clients are in no doubt about the type of service or product they will receive when they buy into what you’re offering.


People buy with their emotions and color is a massive influencer on people’s emotions. Choosing the right color for your brand will help you to create an emotional connection with your client.

One of the easiest ways to choose a color palette is to think about which season best represents your brand. Every season has different attributes and will define the tone and texture of what is used in order to convey the right message.

We have an entire unit dedicated to the psychology of color within our design courses and when used in the right way can be so powerful in attracting the right client for your wedding business.


How you communicate your brand message should be consistent across everything you do. To really take your clients on the journey of your brand they need to be able to instantly identify you.

Imagine if every time you saw the Starbucks logo it was a different shade of green? It would immediately make you feel uneasy and you might start to question the authenticity of the brand. The same goes for your brand. Whether it is your website, blog, social media accounts or business cards they should all have the same feel, color palette, logo, font, textures and attention to detail.

Engage your clients and take them on the journey of a brand that ends with them doing exactly what you want them to do – hire you or buy from you.