» Is it Time to Update Your Brand Message?

Is It Time to Update Your Brand Message?It’s officially engagement season, which means couples are about to start the process of wedding planning. In their searches for the perfect venue, caterer, band, DJ and all wedding Pros, your business is fighting for attention among your competitors. WeddingWire Pros already get a variety of tools and strategies within their upgraded accounts to help get noticed, but it can still be tough for some businesses to stand out from the crowd.

In addition to updating your WeddingWire Storefront with new photos, videos and reviews, you should consider updating your business’s brand message. Begin by re-reading your About Us section and/or company mission and values. Ask if this section portrays your company in a way that you want couples to perceive your business and services? Does it provide enough information without being overwhelming?

Below are our Pro tips for updating your brand’s message in time for engagement season!

Take inventory of your messaging

When deciding to update your brand messaging, first take inventory of all the places your brand lives. The way you describe your business is on your website, Storefront, brochures and rate sheets, social media properties and any other place on which you have a presence. Any changes you make should be made across all of these places to ensure that your messaging is consistent. A person who finds your website should have the same understanding of your business as a person who finds you from a flyer posted on the local community board.

Set a focus for your messaging

The biggest mistake businesses make is trying to be everything to everyone. You can only be one thing in the mind of a customer. You might offer many different services that cater to different audiences, but you need to pick one way to describe the things you do and how you do them or you run the risk of confusing your potential clients. Your brand message needs to make a big enough impression on people that they remember you for that specific purpose.

Examine your messaging from different angles

It’s important to see your company from three different perspectives to understand how all stakeholders view and understand your brand:

  • Customer perspective: Try talking to your customers to see what matters to them and the words they use to describe their wants and needs. Identifying those keywords will help you match what they’re saying with what you’re providing.
  • Internal perspective: Determine your brand’s unique value proposition and talk to various people within your company to see if they agree with what you’ve come up with. Hold your own internal focus groups to identify a consistent message you want to convey to customers.
  • Marketplace perspective: How does your messaging compare to your competitors’ messaging? Read their brand messaging on the About Us pages of their websites to learn how they distinguish themselves or check out their WeddingWire Storefronts. Your business cannot occupy the same position as another business in the same market, so knowing where they are in relation to you helps you to be memorable.

Updating your brand message should be an important part of your annual business analysis. Each year, take a step back and examine your business to make sure your brand elements are fresh and relevant. Make sure the technology you’re using is up-to-date and still providing value. Follow these steps to make sure your messaging is clear and consistent!

Don’t believe us that engagement season is a big deal? Check out this infographic for stats on wedding planning seasonality!

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