» How to Get Your Fill of Vitamin D While Working Over the Summer

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Leila Lewis, photo by Valorie Darling PhotographyThis post was written by Leila Lewis of Be Inspired PR. As a business school graduate from Santa Clara University, Leila (Khalil) Lewis’ career began in publishing, where she worked in marketing and editorial roles for business and lifestyle publications. Since transitioning into the wedding business in 2004, Leila has over 10 years of wedding marketing experience under her belt, and is the industry’s go-to for wedding public relations services, brand development and business consulting.

With the summer air and the sunshine calling your name, it can be difficult to sit in your office all day while the gorgeous days pass you by – especially as friends and family take weekend trips you know you’ll be missing! While the weather in most of the country is at its best, we often find ourselves chained to our computers or workstations in the midst of the busy wedding season.

How to Get Your Fill of Vitamin D While Working Over the SummerAfraid of missing out on sweet summertime? Never fear! Here’s how you can do everything you can to get your fill of vitamin D while working in an office.

Have a walking meeting

Instead of just meeting in your office, get moving! Sitting at a desk or workstation for 8+ hours a day is unhealthy, and the fresh air and natural sunlight will help you clear your head and revive your energy for the rest of the day. Our office is on the luckier side – we’re located in Manhattan Beach, just a short walk away from the ocean – but you can take a spin around your neighborhood to keep your blood flowing. Need to take notes? Consider recording your meeting on your smartphone to write down your to-do items later.

Change up the environment

Staring at the same wall or out the same window all day every day can be difficult and make work feel stagnant. Switch up your location from time to time as an easy fix. Find a café or coffee shop (with reliable Wi-Fi!) and take your office to a new location with an outside patio. You can also meet with clients in cafés or restaurants closer to their homes or offices, which benefits both of you and makes the situation feel less formal. You’ve got the sun, your work, and, most importantly, coffee – what more do you need?

Take advantage of your breaks

As workaholics, we tend not to take the breaks we deserve and need. We are constantly working like a machine and often multi-tasking while eating lunch to check email. But breaks exist for a reason, so close your laptop, step away from your desk, and get outside to ensure you’re taking full advantage of your breaks. You can still keep an eye on your phone if you absolutely need to, but the mental break and physical act of getting outside will work wonders for your productivity.

Incorporate these tips into your everyday work life and take advantage of the weather while it’s in your favor! The sunshine won’t last forever, so get outside as much as you can and really soak in that vitamin D.