» How to Be a Personable Business

Customers are more likely to buy from people and businesses that they like! Being personable will help your potential clients to feel connected with your business and enable them to feel more confident that you will help to make their perfect day come true.

How to Be a Personable BusinessCheck out these tips for how to be more likeable and let your personality shine!

  • Make the sale experience about them, not you. When a potential client sees your website, blog, or emails, is the language all about them or all about you? People are more likely to react and engage with marketing that speaks to their needs directly and too much ‘me’ talk can come off as bragging which no one reacts well too. Consider reviewing your language and making sure it is about how you will help the client and not just how great your business is.
  • Take the time to find out their needs. In the wedding and events industry, the business you are being hired for is highly personal, and should feel like a customized experience for each client. One way to show you put your clients first is to get to know them and their wants and needs before pushing the sale or pitching your business. Find out what they envision and get to know their personalities a bit in your first interactions— then let them know how your business is here to help. It will be much easier to explain why you are the best fit when you know what they are looking for!
  • Have some personality on your site, blog and social media accounts. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through – especially on social media! Sharing some fun personal tidbits, favorite things, and what inspires you will humanize your business while remaining professional. Just be careful not to over-share or make too many of your posts all about you! 
  • Be approachable and warm. It’s human nature – people gravitate to those who are welcoming, friendly and easy to talk to. Clients are no different! No matter your typical personality type and even if being outgoing is a bit out of your comfort zone, work to approach all professional interactions in a friendly and open manner and have a positive attitude. In this personal business, many clients go with the professionals who they feel they ‘click’ best with.
  • Be collaborative. Make your client’s life easier by having a great relationship with other local professionals in your network should they ask for your thoughts on another local Pro in a different service category as they plan their day. People enjoy working with those who are helpful, honest and who can save their time – and so do other Pros!  It is a double win when you can help your clients while strengthening your professional network at the same time.
  • Hire like-minded staff. Remember that you are not always the face of your business. It is imperative that all staff members of your business share the same company values, remain friendly and professional, and are representing your business well. Take the time to set and prioritize company values and customer service expectations to maintain a strong reputation and keep building an even stronger, personable business.

Overall, by always thinking ‘client first’ in your business communications, you will create and naturally grow a powerful and personable business!