» Five Tips for Successful Email Marketing

email-marketing-tipsEmail marketing is a great way to connect and share important details about your business with your audience. However, it’s very important to consider your messaging, design and calls to action to ensure your email marketing is effective. Most importantly – always focus on the consumer first! Consider their needs, interest and what would engage them and be sure to avoid ‘me’ language. Tell them what you can do to make their life better, not just why your business is so great.

To help maximize the impact of your next email campaign, check out these top tips for effective email marketing!

  • Send people the content they want. Great content is an important part of a successful email campaign. Determining your email content is really all about understanding what your audience would like to know about or what would be helpful for them. Consider sending relevant wedding planning tips to your category that would be relevant and engaging to them!
  • Keep your email short and sweet. Your email should be simple, and right to the point with one main focus. Too much content or differing messages will not only be confusing to your audience, but also will cause reader drop off. Too much writing is overwhelming and not digestible from all devices.
  • Create a brand voice and design. Strive to reflect your brand message and voice in all communication and all your marketing materials. Ideally, your audience should recognize your email campaigns and the content you share, and over time will look forward to your emails and updates.

  • Be mobile and tablet friendly. Today’s audience open and engage with emails on-the-go, and at all times of the day. It is a great practice to create a mobile and desktop version of your email, or one template that works for all devices so your message will be reached to all audiences at any time.
  • Test, edit and test again. Testing your emails make perfect! Build your content into your email platform and send a test to yourself and other key members of your team to proof. Check the content, length of email, that all images are relevant and load, and all links work. Edit your email keeping these email tips in mind, and test again. When you feel confident in your content, send and track your results. Try testing new items with each email like subject lines, calls to action and more to learn what works best for your business.

Want a bonus tip? It may seem silly, but only send an email if you have something to say!

What are your best email marketing tips? We would love to hear from you in the comments!