» Five Business Tweaks to Make Before Busy Season Hits

This post is by Jennifer Reitmeyer. Jennifer has worked in the wedding industry since 1997. In addition to owning MyDeejay, an award-winning wedding entertainment firm serving the Washington, D.C. market, she also maintains a wedding business blog, WeddingIQ, and a blogging and social media service for wedding businesses, Firebrand Messaging. Her newest venture, Authentic Boss, is an online learning resource for business owners seeking to work and live more authentically. Jennifer is available for small business coaching, speaking, and writing opportunities. Read more at jenniferreitmeyer.com.

Five Business Tweaks to Make Before Busy Season HitsSpring is here, and with it starts the craziness of wedding season. Because executing our events and delivering our service or product becomes our number one priority, it’s easy to let slide some important parts of marketing and operating our business.

In the interest of saving your sanity when you’re in event overdrive, here are five things to do now, before busy season truly hits:

  1. Make sure your marketing is up-to-date. While most of us do a pretty good job of maintaining the essential information on our website and social media, it’s easy to forget little things like adding new awards and keeping your team members’ bios current. Updating our listings on other sites, including WeddingWire, is also often overlooked. Before you get swamped with weddings, take a few moments to ensure your information is consistent across the web – your professional image will only benefit.
  1. Take care of the housekeeping. I use “housekeeping” to describe all the un-glamorous, yet truly important, parts of maintaining your business – things like renewing any professional licenses or certifications in your field, keeping up with your insurance coverage, and making sure you’ve maintained the equipment or supplies you need to do your job. Double-checking these things now will keep you from scrambling later.
  1. Rally the troops. It’s a great idea to evaluate your team’s strengths and weaknesses now, so you can provide any necessary training before you’re super busy. (Bonus: this will help them help you when wedding season strikes.) You can also use this time to boost morale and get everyone fully on board with your brand, so they’ll reflect well on you when they’re working at events.

  1. Look for opportunities to let go. Take some time to determine whether you can delegate or outsource any of your responsibilities, freeing up more of your time during the wedding season. Virtual assistants, receptionists, bookkeepers, bloggers, social media managers, and other professionals are readily available to take busywork off your plate. Many pros choose to bring in additional help with the actual production and post-production of their events, and I doubt any of them regret it!
  1. Master your schedule; don’t allow it to master you. Look proactively at the months ahead, so that you have a clear picture of how much time you’ll have available to actually run your business. Decide now how you’ll structure your work schedule, building in time for responding to emails and returning voice mails, keeping up with your business social media, and taking care of other administrative tasks. Be sure, also, to schedule some down time for yourself – to get through the busy season, you’ll need to recharge now and then.

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