» Easy Ways Your Business Can Go Paperless

Reducing your paper use for your business is not only environmentally-friendly, but it also has a number of potential benefits to your business. Think of all the money you spend on paper-associated costs, and what you would save if you were no longer printing, mailing or faxing documents!

Here are a few benefits of going “paperless” at your small business:

  • Reduce costs associated with paper, printers, copiers, ink and toner cartridges
  • Eliminate filing cabinets and printers, and in turn reduce  or re-use your current office space
  • Give faster responses to customers, with real time updates and delivery of documents
  • Eliminate the time wasted on getting paper signatures on contracts and forms
  • Happier clients who are conscious of ‘going green’ for their wedding day or event

The transition to using less paper for your business does not have to be difficult or expensive! There are many solutions available today that can help you take steps towards a paperless office.

Easy Ways Your Business Can Go Paperless | WeddingWireEDU BlogHere are a few ways your business can save money and go paperless!

Avoid printing. Most business activities today can be done online – we send emails instead of letters, we work in cloud-based programs to save documents and access them from anywhere and our computing devices are small enough to take from meeting to meeting. So why print anything anymore? Take advantage of file-sharing programs like Google Drive or Dropbox to send documents back and forth, and try taking notes on your laptop or iPad instead of printing out an agenda – you can even save them in the cloud to access anytime from any device with Evernote. You can easily cut down on paper with this step alone!

Set up paperless statements and bill pay. A lot of the paper we use as businesses comes from our other services in the form of bills and paper statements. Most service companies offer an online delivery option to save paper! This also allows you to see your account history and payment information all in one place, with no searching back through old documents. By enrolling in online payments/bill pay, you’ll receive less mail. Better yet – by paying online, you’ll save the paper you use to write checks and save money on envelopes and stamps!

Collaborate with clients online! Many wedding and event professionals need to send and receive documents from clients very frequently, which can use up a lot of paper (and time!). The WeddingWire Clients tab allows you to send invoices, e-sign documents, record payments and manage your full payments schedule securely – all from your WeddingWire account! These tools help you manage your clients online in an organized, safe and environmentally-friendly way!

Still using paper? Don’t forget to recycle! Even if you still have to use paper for some aspects of your business, you can always lighten the severity of your paper usage by recycling whenever you can. Try keeping a bin specific to paper next to your regular trashcan to make it easier to stick with.

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