» Creating An Elevator Pitch For Your Business

Creating An Elevator Pitch For Your BusinessWhat you would say about your wedding business if you met a couple in an elevator and found out they’re planning a wedding?

If you don’t have a quick, concise response, this blog post is for you! At colleges and universities across the country, advisors tell students that they need an “elevator pitch”– a short and compelling summary of what they’re majoring in, what they want in a career, and their past experience. The idea is for the job seeker to sell themselves in approximately a minute.

This is a great practice for Pros to pick up as well, because as a wedding vendor, you are constantly job-seeking: each potential client is a potential job and potential income. The elevator pitch can also be pitched anywhere – trade shows, networking events, or meeting someone in the checkout line at the grocery store! So what should your business’ elevator pitch contain? There are three key elements: basic business information, the vision and values of your business, and what sets you apart from other vendors.

Basic business information

Whether you’re actually having a conversation in an elevator or you’re writing a brief description of your business for your website, it’s important to cover the basics. Where is your business located? Which local markets or regions do you serve? What services do you offer? These are all vital pieces of information that couples must know before even considering your business.

Vision and values

This part of your elevator pitch is a bit more difficult than rattling off your basic information. You likely joined the wedding industry because you’re passionate about weddings and your craft, so hone in on why you feel that passion and articulate it! Explain why weddings mean so much to you, and why your product or service is so important to their big day.

What sets you apart?

In today’s world, engaged couples have a lot of choices for each product or service category. What sets your business apart from the competition? If your business offered all the same services at the same price as another business, what would be the differentiating factor that would cause a couple to hire you? Knowing how your business is different will help with all of your sales and marketing materials, not just your elevator pitch!

A good business elevator pitch might sound something like this:

“You’re engaged? Congratulations! If you’re looking for a beautiful venue in Orlando, you have to come tour Disney World. We’re a fun, whimsical venue for couples that want a magical day. You can arrive in Cinderella’s carriage or walk down Main Street, USA after your ceremony! We also have a 5 star rating on WeddingWire. Here’s my card – give me a call if you want to take a tour or learn more.”

To formulate the best summary of your business, think about the first things you want to know about a business or company. Prospective clients want to know that you’re experienced, friendly, and trustworthy. Great reviews, a WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® win, or a WeddingWire Rated™ badge are all great ways to show both experience and trustworthiness. Don’t forget to add  a personal touch – just being warm and friendly goes a long way!

The list of facts you could include in about your wedding business is limitless, but narrow in on the most important details and the anecdotes that best showcase your expertise. Share your elevator pitch with us – or get help creating one – in the comment section!