» Closing the Sale Through Education

Closing the Sale Through EducationOne of the hardest parts of the sales process in most industries is closing the sale. In the wedding industry, once you get the lead, getting the appointment is typically the next logical step and (hopefully) takes a bit less work. However, when you get through an appointment it can be hard to walk away with the sale. WeddingWire Education Guru Alan Berg addressed this topic in his discussion of the “dreaded” price question.

Why do couples always ask about price first? They ask “how much” because they don’t know what else to ask. It’s not that they’re price shoppers or that they can’t afford your services; sometimes they just don’t know where else to start the conversation or how much to expect. After all, everyone needs to know how much a product or service they want costs at some point and no one wants to overpay.

Remember that each couple you meet is trying to plan an event they have never planned before (for the most part). They’re not always looking to haggle on price. Sometimes they just don’t know enough about your business to differentiate it from the rest of the Pros out there. That’s where closing the sale through education becomes a viable strategy.

Avoid the immediate “How much?” by educating your prospective clients about your offering in general as well as about your business! Think about the most important things a couple should know or might not have considered. Then think about how your business goes above and beyond to meet those needs. These are the talking points to use during your appointment!

You can also start the education before the interview with the following strategies:

  • Identify pain points or add-ons a couple may encounter as they’re booking their Pros and write a blog post about resolving them and making educated choices
  • Link to that blog post and/or include similar information in your response to the initial inquiry
  • Create an interesting graphic or infographic with the top things a couple should know when booking your business

At the end of the day, most people don’t like feeling “sold” or taken advantage of. If you’ve had a bad sales experience in the past, remember how that made you feel and don’t repeat it! Always put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and think about your sales pitch from his or her perspective. Would you rather your potential Pro sell you on a package, or educate you on the decision to make sure you don’t take any false steps? We bet it’s the latter.

By educating prospective clients, you’ll help them understand what they need to know to make the right decisions, what options they have based on their preferences, and how your wedding business can fit their needs!