» Business Branding: Consider Your Color!

Many of the largest brands in the world are immediately identified by their colors. Think about Target’s red bullet, McDonald’s golden arches and Amazon’s orange smile. The colors of business’ logos instantly identify the business, and are associated with meaning and a message – without having to use words.

It is important to consider color when assessing your business’ brand. Your brand’s color and logo should be consistent and recognizable across all your marketing materials, from your website and blog, to your handouts, promotional items and signage.

Colors can have different meanings depending on culture, but check out what advertising studies in the US suggest about some top colors’ universal meanings below:

Blue: The color blue is very popular for branding. It is associated with trust, dependability and strength, it is also universally well-liked.

Red: The color red is associated with action and energy. Red can evoke a passionate response and is very eye-grabbing, and can also be considered an “aggressive” color.

Yellow: The color yellow is generally associated with the sun. It communicates optimism, positivity, warmth and motivation. It also is the first color that the eye registers, so can be attention grabbing on signage.

Green: The color green is associated with nature and serenity. It can also imply good heath, but green has many shades. Deeper greens are associated with wealth or prestige, while lighter greens are considered peaceful.

Purple: The color purple is associated strongly with creativity. A mix between energetic red and tranquil blue, purple is considered mysterious, sophisticated and is also associated with royalty.

Orange: The color orange signifies energy, friendliness and confidence. A mix between red’s passion and yellow’s cheer, orange can signify a strong, engaging work ethic and productivity.

Pink: The color pink is associated with femininity, and conveys excitement, romance and youthfulness. Pink’s wide variety of shades can send different messages, from light pink’s sentimental tones to hot pink’s high energy.

Brown: The color brown is associated with dependability and simplicity. It also is associated with nature and strength.

For more information about the meaning of colors and branding, check out this Infographic from Marketo!