» Build Your Brand: Create a Custom URL

Bit.ly makes it easy for your business to have your own URL shortener for free. Getting your own custom URL will help you build your brand and enhance your credibility.

Follow the simple steps below or if you don’t feel like going through the effort – feel free to use ours! Just visit https://wedli.weddingwire.com/ paste your URL and hit the “Shorten!” button.

1. Buy a URL – Use one of these services to find an available URL. Just type in the word you want to include and it will display the options of domains that are available. Keep in mind it must be under 15 characters to work with Bit.ly Pro. After you select the URL you want, purchase it with GoDaddy.com or Domain.com.

2. Register on Bit.ly Pro – Sign up for a free Bit.ly Pro Beta account and set up your custom URL. It may take up to a week to set up, but once you do you will be able to view data and statistics through your account.

3. Set an A Record for Your URL – Set your domain name registrar and the A record, or DNS host, to go to Bit.ly’s IP address which is

4. Verify Your Long Domain – After you’ve set everything up, enter the domain name you want to track in your Bit.ly Pro account (your site’s domain – not the short version you just set up) so that you can automatically convert any links to your custom shortened URL.

That’s it! Make sure to use your short custom URL in your Tweets and Facebook posts to help establish and build your brand. For more details, click here for the full article from Mashable.