» Boost Your Productivity!

Take advantage of the first hour of your workday, and boost your overall productivity by allowing yourself some time to get focused, organized and connected.

Fast Company evaluated what some of the most successful business leaders do with the first hour of their workdays, and compiled a list of suggestions that could get your day started out right, and impact your productivity.

Get your day started off right with these suggested productivity tips:

  • Don’t check your email the first hour of your workday—instead focus on getting settled, organized and checking in with your employees. This will enable you to be energized, relaxed and focused when you are ready to get started.
  • Take time to review your workload and center your day with a prioritized to do list. It is tempting to simply jump right into your work, especially when you have a lot to do, but your work will improve if you are able to focus and prioritize your tasks. If you have a variety of responsibilities, consider breaking your day up by tasks. For example, dedicate your morning to business operations, an hour in the afternoon to accounting, and your late afternoon to client work and meetings.
  • Do your big tasks first and avoid the distraction of small tasks. If you have a large contract looming over your head or a full event plan, get right to it first thing, and have more time later in the day for your smaller tasks.
  • Don’t take meetings or calls during your first hour. Give yourself time to get organized so you will be prepared and alert for your client meetings and staff updates.