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Rick Brewer

This article was written by Rick Brewer of Wedding Business Marketing. Rick has 22+ years in marketing and selling to wedding couples and is known for his proprietary approach to the psychology of wedding buying. Rick has worked with over 2100 wedding businesses, spoken to 250 + wedding groups and regularly shares his insight on wedding industry trends and cycles.

In the eyes of an engaged couple it’s best to be seen as “the” expert in what you provide. People like to do business with experts, not novices, so it’s important for your wedding business to be seen as the foremost authority in the wedding industry.

Becoming a Wedding ExpertThere are specific steps you can take to becoming this resource to your couples that will help further your businesses growth. There will be some homework assignments that will be given, so get a pen a paper!

Evaluate your audience

The first thing I want you to do is to find the 10 most popular services that most couples book. There are 10 services that 90% of all couples will book – I know what these services are, but I ask you to do the work to find out, so you will own that information. Knowing what these services are is important for two reasons:

  1. If you know the ten services, you can then become versed in what the couple is looking for in these services. In this role you can be their expert advisor.
  2. You will be able to figure out what makes sense from a networking point of view. There are some services which are naturally at the forefront of the planning and will be first in the couple’s agenda and others which come later. If you are a later service, you can start to build relationships with the services that come before your service. You must first know what order you fall in the chain of events before you can start this networking strategy.

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes

After you find out what the ten primary services are, I want you to become versed in those services. Do research as if you are a bride or groom by doing web searches on the various topics associated with wedding planning. By doing these searches, you will be privy to the same information that consumers see in their searches. For example, if you were trying to research buying wedding flowers, you can search “buying wedding flowers in [your local area].” Read the articles you find on the subject, then write your own report on “How to _______” (hire a florist, find the flowers you want, etc.). You will find that you quickly become well versed in the subject that you write about.

Interview other Pros

The other way you can become versed in the subject of other wedding purchases is to interview the experts – your fellow wedding professionals. In interviewing your fellow Wedding Pros, ask about the top three things each couple needs to know about buying what you sell, whether they buy it from you or not. By understanding the top things couples are searching for when they’re looking for a Pro, you’ll be able to adjust your messaging and sales process to meet those needs. The more you can help a potential couple when making buying decisions, the more likely it is that they’ll go with you – the wedding expert.

In this economy, information is power and the knowledgeable are powerful! Once you take these steps, you’ll be on your way to becoming a trusted wedding expert for engaged couples. Becoming a wedding expert will help you leverage your knowledge to be smarter about your business.