» Ace the Inquiry! Tips for Better Sale Conversions

Ace the InquiryWebinar recap!

When it comes to booking more business, getting more inquiries is just the beginning. How you handle those new inquiries is crucial! Many Pros do not realize the impact that your response time and communication style to leads can make on closing the sale.

In this month’s webinar for premium members, WeddingWire Education Guru Alan Berg shared his best tips to improve your sale conversions so you can have your most successful year yet!

Check out the tips below on how you can ace your next inquiry:

  • Respond quickly. More often than not, one of the first Pros to respond gets the business! Most couples only reach out to their top choices, so respond quickly to get their attention and work towards setting up a conversation that may lead to a sale.
  • Respond personally. Couples want to feel special as they plan their big day. Respond with a personal touch to acknowledge their request with their name and tie in any specific details about their day they may have shared. This will make them more inclined to learn more about your services and is a great first touch to establishing a connection.
  • Respond conversationally. Be mindful to be professional in your replies, but there is no need to be overly formal and stuffy. They are planning a very personal life event, and are more likely to want to do business with a Pro they feel a connection with. A conversational reply will make the couple feel at ease and will give a sense of your personality which can help you to stand out as they chose between Pros.
  • Don’t avoid the price question. When a couple is ready to know cost, don’t hesitate to share that information but do explain why you are priced the way you are! Work to make sure they already know about what makes your business special before jumping right into cost so they will be more inclined to appreciate the value of your services. Let them know you are happy to explain the reasoning behind your prices should they have any questions (or sticker shock!).
  • Use reviews. Reviews are a great way to stand out from your competition by letting your past clients do your bragging for you. With 72% of customers trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations, there is no reason not to be collecting as many testimonials to share with potential clients as you can! Use the WeddingWire Review Collector tool to make it easy to gather great reviews.

  • Make the next steps clear and easy. After you have gotten an inquiry and replied, make the next step as simple as possible for the potential client. After all, they have enough on their mind! A Pro who makes the sale easy will get it quicker. For example, after getting to know a bit more about their needs, send over a simple contract for their review that is customizable to their day as an easy way to ask for the sale and keep the process moving forward.
  • Don’t force a phone call. Not everyone wants to talk on the phone these days! With the power of email, busy schedules and planning occurring during the work day, many couples prefer first conversations at their convenience. Ask if they would like to connect via email or phone call, and if they prefer a call set a specific time. Many don’t like unsolicited calls, and this can be a turn off to your services. Make the client feel comfortable by initiating a further conversation at their convenience while still proactively working to connect. And don’t be afraid to politely follow up in a few days in case your initial reply got lost in their busy inbox!

For more great tips on handling your inquiries and converting them to a sale, watch the full webinar in the Education tab of your account any time!