» 5 Tips for Running Your Business During the Holidays

How to run your wedding business during the holidaysFor many small business owners in the wedding industry, taking time off around the holidays can be extremely difficult to do. There’s a constant anxiety that you’re missing something important or forgetting about a client, so it can be hard to “check out” and enjoy the season. Yet if the holiday season is important to you, you should make every effort to reserve time for yourself.

No matter what holiday(s) you celebrate, these tips will help you keep running your business during the holidays!

Communicate time off clearly

Because the holiday season has become such a big part of our culture, it’s expected that your business will not be available at all times during the month of December. As long as you notify your prospects and clients of your holiday hours early, they’ll know ahead of time when you absolutely won’t be available. You’ll find that as long as people know what to expect with plenty of time to make adjustments, closing for a few days shouldn’t be a problem!

Take care of loose ends before checking out

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to respond to any remaining emails, phone calls, or inquiries before the holidays. Especially if any of your correspondence is urgent, make sure you’ve covered off on those things before you take your time off. Or, if you have essential employees covering for you, make sure they have what they need to keep things moving in your absence.

Schedule/automate where possible

Emails, social media posts, and auto-response emails can be scheduled ahead of time, so take advantage! If you send email campaigns, consider writing, building, and scheduling a happy holidays email before you leave the office for the holidays. Write your social media posts and use a platform like Hootsuite to select when you’d like them to publish over the coming days. And don’t forget to add your vacation time to your auto-response emails – that way your clients will be reminded of your schedule.

Offer incentives for essential employees

If shutting down your wedding business for a few days just isn’t possible, remember to reward those who cover for you. Whether you can offer special holiday or overtime pay, some sort of bonus, or a small token of your appreciation (like a gift card), make it clear that you value their commitment and understand the sacrifice they’re making.

Remember to enjoy!

Last step: Relax and enjoy the holiday season! It’s very easy to get stressed about all of the moving parts of managing your wedding business, but it’s important to remember to take the time to delight in the season. Your friends and family will appreciate your presence more if you’re able to stay away from professional distractions while spending quality time.

We hope you use these tips to have a great holiday season!